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For over 20 years, Kane Paving and Sealcoating has been providing driveway and parking lot asphalt solutions to its customers at an affordable price. So whether you need cracks repaired, a fresh sealcoat, or a completely new asphalt driveway, choose us for your next project!

Asphalt Paving - Wayne, PA

Professional Asphalt Services

Looking to improve your home or business’ curb appeal? We have paved everything from driveways and parking lots to tennis courts and more! Our dedicated team of experts can examine your asphalt and recommend the appropriate service, and best of all, all estimates are quoted at no cost to you!

We do:

Residential Driveways
Commercial Parking Lots
Private Roads
Subdivision Roads
Tennis Courts
School Blacktops

For more information about asphalt care and maintenance, please check out our residential driveway section.

New Asphalt Driveway Installation

Concrete & Asphalt Gladwyne, PA

Professional Concrete Services

From driveways, to sidewalks, to patios, to parking lots, and more - we do it all! Kane Paving and Sealcoating can offer you the concrete solution that best fits your individual needs.

For more information about asphalt care and maintenance, please check out our residential driveway section.

Interested in seeing more pictures of our work? Check out our gallery page!

New Concrete Sidewalk and Path

Sealcoating Havertown, PA

Professional Sealcoating and Line Striping

Regular sealcoating has proven to extend the life of your asphalt driveway. A cost-effective maintenance measure can protect your asphalt from the below hazards:

Sunlight (causes your asphalt to oxidize)
Water and Rain
Automobile Chemicals (i.e. oils, anti-freeze, etc.)
Residential Sealcoating Picture Commercial Sealcoating Picture Freshly Sealcoated Residential Driveway

For common sealcoating FAQs, check out our help page! We have a section dedicated to sealcoating questions!

Residential Asphalt Paving - Delaware County, PA

Residential Paving

What to know about your new asphalt driveway!

New asphalt needs time to harden and cure, usually 6-12 months to fully cure. Once fully cured, asphalt adds curb appeal, is durable, and lasts for years with minimal maintenance.
You can walk on finished asphalt immediately without damage to the asphalt. However, high heels can create depressions under the right circumstances. Please avoid using heels on your new asphalt within the first year of appliance – especially in hotter temperatures.
It is recommended that you wait 3 days before you drive on any new asphalt application. Three days is a reference point. In hotter temperatures, your asphalt may need up to a week before it is safe to drive a vehicle on it.
Driving on asphalt before it has had time to solidify can leave dips in your driveway for water to pool which will lead to future problems.
Asphalt will always be malleable in the right circumstances such as very hot days. Thus, it is highly recommended that you treat your asphalt driveway with care when driving a motor vehicle. Excessive acceleration, deceleration, or even turning your wheel while the car is not in motion can damage your new driveway. Move slowly on your driveway, decelerate slowly, and do not park your vehicle in the exact same spot every time.
If you perform auto mechanical work on your vehicle in your driveway, avoid using jacks or stands with small bases. This can affect the asphalt. If you need to use a jack or stand with a small base, we recommend putting a wide piece of plywood underneath the jack to more evenly disperse the weight of your car across the surface of your asphalt.
If you plan on keeping heavier vehicles stationary on your asphalt for long periods of time, we recommend using plywood underneath each tire and any tongue jacks.
Avoid using certain solvents on your driveway. Accidentally spilling these harsh chemicals will dilute and disrupt the liquid asphalt and can lead to depressions or holes in your asphalt. Example solvents include, but are not limited to, gasoline, motor oil, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, transmission fluids, and more.

For common asphalt FAQs, check out our help page! We have a section dedicated to asphalt questions!

Commercial Paving - Delaware County, PA

Pave a path of success for your business

A newly sealed parking lot will add curb appeal to your business and make your parking lot pop! We also offer our full line of services at the commercial level from asphalt paving, concrete services, and line striping to our commercial customers. We also work with a variety of construction companies to create new asphalt driveways for new developments or houses. Below is a list of just a few of the commercial projects we have completed:

We do:

Parking Lots
Private Roads
Tennis Courts
Basketball Courts
New Commercial Asphalt Paving


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