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For decades, Kane Paving and Sealcoating has been providing quality sphalt paving services to our customers at their residential driveways and and commercial parking lots. Give us a call for your your next project!

Asphalt Paving Services - Chester County, PA

Professional Asphalt Services

We serve the needs of a wide varitey of customers. We can accomodate residential customers from King of Prussia, PA to Cherry Hill, NJ and beyond! Our dedicated team of experts can examine your current asphalt driveway and recommend the appropriate asphalt services. And best of all, all estimates are quoted at no cost to you!

We do:

Residential Driveways
Commercial Parking Lots
Private Roads
Subdivision Roads
Tennis Courts
School Blacktops

For more information about driveway asphalt paving services, please check out our residential driveway section on our website by clicking the link below!

New Asphalt Driveway Installation

Concrete Paving Services - Chester County, PA

Professional Concrete Services - Broomall, PA

From driveway in Wayne, PA, to sidewalks in West Chester, PA, to concrete patios in Malverm, PA, to parking lots in Philadelphia, PA, and more - we do it all! Our professional team can offer you the concrete solution that best fits your individual needs. Don't delay - contact us today!

For more information about our asphalt services, please check out our residential driveway section.

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New Concrete Sidewalk and Path

Sealcoating - Delaware County, PA

Professional Sealcoating and Line Striping in Radnor, PA

Regular sealcoating has proven to extend the life of your asphalt driveway and best of all our wide service area means we help customer in Bryn Mawr, Villanova, and Glenn Mills, PA - AND BEYOND! Our cost-effective maintenance measures can also protect your asphalt from the below hazards:

Automobile Chemicals (i.e. oils, anti-freeze, etc.)
Sunlight (causes your asphalt to oxidize)
Water and Rain
Residential Sealcoating Picture Commercial Sealcoating Picture Freshly Sealcoated Residential Driveway

For our custom list of common sealcoating FAQs or frequently asked questions, please check out our FAQ/help page! We created a section dedicated to your sealcoating questions - just click the link below!

Residential Asphalt Paving - Media, PA

Residential Paving - Springfield, PA

Our asphalt services are second to none! We take pride in our work and value our customer service just as much! That is why we are very happy to have such happy customers talk so highly about our services and the professional care we received. We did a residential asphalt driveway in Newtown Square, PA which left the owner extremely happy. He boasted about not only our quality paving services, but our price as well! He looked for other asphalt companies in and around Broomall, PA all the way to Penn Valley, PA and was unable to find a suitable company. We are thankful for his business and look forward to continuing our great services to new customers as well! Still have questions? Reach out to our team or check out what we think you need to know about your new asphalt driveway!

In southeasterm Pennsylvannia, new asphalt driveways need time to harden and cure. We estimate 6-12 months to fully cure - that's right a whole year! Once fully cured, new asphalt driveways add curb appeal, is durable, and can last for years with minimal maintenance!
A customer from Merion, PA asked us once, "Can you walk on a finished asphalt driveway immediately?" Yes - you can walk on finished asphalt immediately without damage to the asphalt. However, use caution! Walking with high heels on can create unwanted depressions under the right circumstances. We recommend avoiding using heels on your new asphalt within the first year of appliance – especially in hotter temperatures.
A customer in Exton, PA once asked us, "How long before I can drive on my new asphalt driveway?". We recommended waiting three days before you or your family drives on our new asphalt application. Please note that 3 days is a reference point and in hotter temperatures, your asphalt may much longer to fully dry and be ready for a car to drive on it. Sometime up to a week is needed before it is safe to drive a vehicle on it. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure!
A customer in Glann Mills, PA asked us once, "Can driving on our drive way too soon really hurt the driveway?" Yes it can! Driving your car on asphalt that is not fully solidified can leave dips in your driveway for water to pool which will later lead to future problems you do not want! Better be safe than sorry!
A customer from Springfield, PA once asked our asphalt paving team, "Why is asphalt so flimsy?" Truthfully, it is not that flimsy after it has time to fully cure! However, asphalt will always return to being malleable in the right circumstances. These instances include very hot days. Thus, it is highly recommended that you treat your asphalt driveway with care when driving a motor vehicle and it is also why states south of Pennsylvania use concrete driveways more than asphalt driveways. Excessive acceleration, deceleration, and even turning your vehicle's wheel while the car is not in motion can lead to additional damage your new driveway. We recommend moving slowly on your driveway, decelerating slowly, keeping your vehicle in motion when you turn your car's wheel, and trying not to park your vehicle in the exact same spot every time.
A customer from Ardmore, PA owned an auto repair shop and asked us if doing auto work in his new driveway was a problem. If you perform auto repair or mechanical work on a vehicle in your new driveway, do your best to avoid using jacks or stands with small bases. Adding a large piece of plywood under the jack is a great strategy to help avoid problems. Small jack bases can affect the asphalt. If you must use a jack or stand with a small base, a wide piece of plywood under the jack's base will help to more evenly disburse the weight of your truck or car across the surface of your asphalt.
A customer from Aston, PA onced reach out and asked if heavy vehicles or dump trailers was problematic for an asphalt driveway. If you plan on keeping heavier objects/vehicles stationary on an asphalt driveway for extended periods of time, we highly recommend using plywood underneath each tire and especially any tongue jacks. If you can avoid using your driveway for this task, do it! New soil/grass is a much easier/cheaper fix!
In Villanova, PA someone asked about using solvents on your asphalt driveway. Try to avoid using certain solvents on your driveway. These harsh chemicals will disrupt the asphalt and can lead to depressions, holes or other unwanted and easily avoidable problems. Some example solvents are gasoline, transmission fluids, motor oil, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, and more.

Still have questions for our Havertown, PA based paving team, check out our help page! We have a section dedicated to asphalt questions!

Areas We Service

Pave a path of success for your home or business

We work in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Below are a list of cities we frequent most oftenly! Give us a call if we can help beat a pre-existing quote or simply provide you with quality asphalt services!

We work in:

Ardmore, PA
Aston, PA
Broomall, PA
Bryn Mawr, PA
Exton, PA
Gladwynne, PA
Glenn Mills, PA
Havertown, PA
King of Prussia, PA
Malvern, PA
Media, PA
Merion, PA
Lower Merion, PA
Newtown Square, PA
Penn Valley, PA
Radnor, PA
Springfield, PA
Villanova, PA
Wayne, PA
West Chester, PA
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